Although we primarily teach teenage driving, we do offer services for Adult drivers. If you are an adult (age 18+) and you have a Learner's License, we can do one-on-one lessons, 1 hour each, to practice with you until you feel ready to take the Driving Test at the DPS. 

Cost: $70/hour
Sessions: 1-2 lessons per week (Monday-Friday during regular business hours)

To become eligible to drive with us, you must complete the 6 hour required course for age 18-24 online at, or show completion of the minimum 6 hours of Texas Drivers Education, and you MUST have a Texas Learner's License (Permit). 

Once you have completed the class and have your permit, you can contact our office at (817) 431-6116, and  speak with an Administrative Assistant to register for the Adult Driving lessons!