Adult drivers in the state of Texas are classified as individuals who are 18 years or older. Those who are 18 or older and have not taken Texas drivers education are required to take an Adult Drivers Education Course.

Adult Drivers Education: Adult drivers ed. is a 6 hour online course that will allow individuals 18 years or older to obtain a Texas permit. Once taking the course and obtaining a Texas permit, you may go and take a Texas road test to get your official drivers license. The state of Texas does not require a certain amount of driving hours to be completed before taking a driving test if you are 18 or older and have taken an Adult drivers education course.

When Should Adult Drivers Ed. Be Taken
- Your Texas drivers license is expired for more than two years
- You are a new resident in the state of Texas
- You are a new resident in the country
- You are 18 years or older and have never taken a Texas drivers education course

Adult Drivers EdCourses: Here are some of our recommended Adult Drivers Education Courses
Aceable Adult Drivers Ed. 
National Highway Administration

If you are an Adult who has completed an Adult drivers education course and has obtained a Texas permit, we offer practice lessons. We offer lessons Monday - Friday during the Fall and Spring. Each session is one hour and 70.00 per session. adult drivers are not required to take practice lessons, but if you are needing to practice you may. To enroll you must show that you have completed an Adult Drivers ed course. For more information call 817-431-6116

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