1. Schedule Here for your Texas permit or Driver license.

2. Select English or Spanish

3. Enter the students First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth & Last Four of SSN. 

4. Select "New Appointment"

5. For Learners Permit: Select in 1st column "Apply for first time Texas DL/Permit"

​For Drivers License: Select in the 4th column "Road Skills Test / Class C"

6. Enter all appropriate information and select "Next". From here you will be able to select your location and time up to four months in advance. 

Notice: The Department of Public Safety is very backed up on appointments and they are NOT taking walk-ins right now. We suggest you check out the available appointment times and go ahead and get on the schedule. Appointment times are ranging anywhere from 1-3 months in advance. You can schedule up-to 4 months in advance. You can schedule anywhere in the state of Texas, we recommend scheduling an appointment in a small town outside of the Keller, Fort Worth area to get in sooner.

Third Party Testing: Third Party Testers are institutions other than the DPS who can provide a Texas Road Test for a class C drivers license. They cannot issue a drivers license but will allow you to take the test so you can go to the DPS at a later date. Here are a few: 
Greenlight Driving Academy
Community Driving School
Southlake Driving School

Department of Public Safety Scheduling