The State of Texas requires 2 parts of Drivers Education for Teenage Drivers (14-17 yrs.) The first part is 32 hours of Classroom Instruction, and the second is Behind-the-Wheel Instruction, both offered here at Carroll Watkins! For both the classroom, and behind the wheel combined, it's a course cost of $490, which can be divided into payments.
Payment Options: We accept Visa, Master Card, Check, Cash and Money Order. 
Payment Plan: Our recommendation, is a 3 payment plan. This would be $160 on the first night of class, $160 on the last night of class, and then a final $170 before the student has finished the 7 driving lessons. We can work with almost any situation, if you have questions, please ask one of our staff and we will be happy to help!

Our classes are held Monday - Thursday for 4 weeks or Monday - Friday for 3 weeks, 2 hours each night, to reach the total of 32 hours. Our class schedules tab above has an updated schedule of our classes, if you choose to register for one. 
First Week: Preparing for the Permit Test / Permit Test
Second Week: Basic Maneuvers / Operating the Vehicle
Third Week: Driving on Different Roadways / Driving in Adverse Conditions
Fourth Week: Handling Emergencies / Drug & Alcohol Awareness / Responsibilities of Owning a Vehicle
*During the Classroom portion, the student is required to complete an additional chapter over Planning Travel, Calculating Travel Cost, and Reading Maps

The state requires 7 hours of driving, and 7 hours of student observation. We combine lessons into 2 hour sessions, each including 1 of the 7 required hours of both driving and observation. That brings us to 7 total lessons, 2 hours each. In every "Drive Time" your student will drive for one hour, and observe another student drive for one hour, accompanied by a licensed instructor in the front seat.
 -Students testing after September 1, 2015, will be required to watch an additional 2 hour video for the Impact Texas Teen Drivers program. You will receive instructions on how to register for the program upon completion of the last Drive Time.

Classroom ONLY:
We do offer solely the classroom portion as an option! This is a course cost of $250, which can also be split up into payments. The classroom portion will be taught as stated above, and follows the same class schedule. If you would like to register for the Classroom Only, please inform our staff when you are registering for the class! 
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