Driving Only and Classroom Only
There are two types of drivers education offered in the state of Texas for those between the ages of 14 and 17. 

   Parent Taught Drivers Education 

   Instructor Taught Drivers Education

The state of Texas permits that students may transfer between the two drivers education programs under certain requirements. 

Driving Only: For students who have completed 32 hours of the parent taught online class instruction and are wishing to do in car instruction with a licensed instructor, we offer a Driving Only Course. This course includes 14 hours of in car instruction and require the student to be transferred to instructor taught. The course comes to a total of 400.00 but can be made in payments of 200.00

Student must show record that they have completed the parent taught online classroom instruction and obtained a Texas permit before enrolling in the course.

Classroom Only: For students who wish to partake in the on-site classroom instruction with us and do the in car instruction with a parent, we offer a Classroom Only Course. This would include 32 hours of classroom instruction. This is divided into 16 days, 2 hours each day. The course is a total of 250.00.

You can see the Class schedule tab for our most available classes. When registering leave a note that you are registering for Classroom Only. For additional information call 817-431-6116