Transfers and Parent Taught Students
    There are 3 types of Driver's Education; Parent Taught Driver Education (PTDE), Public School driver's education, and Driver Training School. Carroll Watkins is a Driver Training School, and meet and follow all regulations the State of Texas requires of a Driver Training School. 

    If your Student begins the classroom portion of Driver Education in another form, you may be able to transfer your student to our school, or likewise, we can transfer students to another form of Driver Education. The State has specific rules on what hours, and modules transfer to other schools. If you used a PTDE program and would like to transfer here, we require you take the classroom portion with us before driving with our instructors (so that all requirements are met before doing Driver Training In-Car Instruction).

     Below, is a link to a chart explaining the transfer of Driver Education hours. Please note that  Parent Taught classroom instruction does not transfer. There are similar but different requirements for Parent Taught, and Driver Training schools. We cannot accept partial classroom, but you can still take class here! If you obtained a permit previously, you are not required to get a new one.

If you have questions regarding transferring your student to/from our school call our office at (817) 431-6116 for more details.