We are partnered with an online drivers education called Aceable. Aceable is a certified Texas online drivers education course and will provide the required 32 hours of classroom instruction for students between the ages of 17 and 14 to obtain a permit and begin driving. 

What Is Aceable: Aceable is a certified Texas online drivers education course that offers Instructor Taught drivers education so that students can do drivers ed. classroom instruction from home. Aceable will be providing the paperwork needed for students to obtain a Texas permit along with the the required 32 hours of classroom instruction. This course is self paced and can be done on any mobile device. The online classroom instruction is divided into two parts. 

The First Six Hours: The first 6 hours of the course will go over road signs signals and markings. By Texas law students will be eligible to obtain a Texas permit after the first six of a drivers education course. After the first six hours, Aceable will issue out a certificate that will allow your student to obtain a Texas permit. However the remainder of the course will still need to be completed before the student can begin driving with us. 

The Course Remainder: After the remainder of the course Aceable will automatically transfer the student over to us to complete their in car driving instruction.This includes 14 hours of in car instruction. This is divided into seven sessions two hours each session. The student must have completed the full course (32 hours) of online drivers education and show documentation to us before the student may begin the in car driving instruction with us. 

Cost: The total cost for the online drivers education course is 520.00. We offer a payment plan which divides the total cost of the full course (online classroom and in car instruction). This would be 170.00 upon registration, 170.00 eight weeks after class start date, and then a final 180.00 twelve weeks after the second payment date.
To complete enrollment & to make payment in order to receive the online classroom login please, CLICK HERE.
​updated 7/26/23

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