Your student will complete their classroom portion (32 hours) through our online partner. The student will do their permit testing through the online portal. They will NOT be able to take the permit test until they have completed ALL 13 levels of the online classroom portion. Once they have done that, and received their permit number, they must call our school so we can input the permit number in our system to start the behind the wheel portion of the drivers education program. Once they get their permit we will finish out the most IMPORTANT part of the class which is the Behind-The-Wheel portion. 

The total fee for the COMPLETE driver training course is $510. We offer 3 convenient payments of $170. The first payment is due in order to receive their online classroom login. The 2nd payment is due 8 weeks after the initial down payment and the final payment is due 12 weeks after receipt of the 2nd payment. All recurring payments are set for automatic drafting, however you will receive a notice 3 days prior as a reminder. If you wish to opt out of automatic payments, please contact our office directly.

To complete enrollment & to make payment in order to receive the online classroom login please, CLICK HERE.

​updated 12/20/22

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